Information for speakers in 2M2C

We would like to bring following information to the attention of the speakers at the symposium :

1. Also this year the Montreux LC/MS symposium will have the “Stravinski” hall for the oral presentations LC/MS Technology and Applications, and the Foyer Stravinksi B5 for the parallel sessions on Clinical Chemistry and Metabolomics.
The projection in the Stravinski Hall as well as in the Foyer Stravinski which is based on a specially designed system, that allows only PowerPoint files as basis.
Speakers are requested to bring their PP-files on memory stick.
We kindly ask you to contact the technical staff at least 1 hour prior to the session to load and check the presentations, but preferably directly at the beginning of the symposium
This ICT-room (speaker ready room) is back-stage and indicated on level B5.

2. Slide projection or overhead projection is not possible.