Instructions for posters in 2M2C

Instructions for the Posters

Dear Participant,

Thank you for submitting a poster for th29th Montreux Symposium on LC/MS.

Below we provide you with information you need to hang up your poster in the easiest way.

The scheduled poster sessions take place on:

Wednesday November 7, 14:00 to 15:30
Poster session 1 (odd poster numbers)

Thursday November 8, 14:00 to 15:30
Poster session 2 (even poster numbers)

The numbering of the posters you will find in the program, and on the website

We thank you for hanging your material on the board with the same number.

Accordingly, the posters will have to be hung up before 09:50 on Wednesday November 7 at the latest.

We kindly request you not taking them down before the end of the second poster session

We will provide you with special adhesive poster strips to hang up your displays.

You will find those strips in envelops on the poster boards or on request at the registration desk. Those are the only adhesive allowed in the Montreux Convention Centre.

Each person who damages the boards in any way, by using pins, for instance, will have to pay for the damage caused

We wish all of you a very successful presentation and thank you for your attention and fair-play.