Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

To submit an abstract, please complete all details on the submission form and send the form along with your abstract, according to the instructions below, by e-mail to the Scientific Committee

For oral presentations please mention as the subject of the email: Oral presentation LCMS-Montreux

For poster presentations please mention as the subject of the email: Poster presentation LCMS-Montreux

The form as well as your abstract, should be saved as a word-document under the presenting authors’s surname, respectively: Name-form.doc and Name-abstract.doc.
When you submit more than one abstract Name-abstract1.doc, Name-abstract2.doc etc.

Lay-out of the abstract

The entire abstract should not exceed one A4 page with margins set at top 4 cm, bottom 3 cm and left/right 3 cm.
The title should be in 14 pt Arial Bold, upper and lower case letters.
The authors should indicate First Name and Surname. The Presenting Author should be underlined.
All text should be in Arial 11 pt and single line spacing.

Special characters
, symbols, Greek characters, matthematical formulae and figures should be confined to set of fonts that come with the standard distribution of Microsoft Word.
All figures in abstracts must be in black and white. Logo’s of institutions or companies are not allowed, and will be removed.

The abstract file should not exceed 8 MB

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to accept or reject papers, and to assign them to oral or poster contribution.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Scientific Committee via:
Mrs. Loes Beijersbergen-Addink
Tel.: +31 71 527 4220